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Monday 6/30

Hello everyone. This week is pay week so if you pay by cash or check please bring it in tomorrow or Tuesday! Also for July 4th we’ll just have 1 class at 10:00am. Everyone should come! STRENGTH: Back Squats w/s – 5-1-4-1-3-1-2-1@challenge yourselves. Weights will change each set, but try and keep the 1’s the […]

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Saturday 6/28

STRENGTH: Front Squat Work up to a heavy single. Failing is ok, but any failed rep = 1 five point sprint   METCON: “Call Me Maybe” AMRAP 20 10 Box Jump 10 Push Up 20 Hang Clean 20 DB/KB Snatch (10/side)   HERO HOUR (9-10am)….. Hmmm what could it be?

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Friday 6/27

METCON: “Battle At The Barn Repeat: Speed Is King” AFAP 20 Back Squats@95/65 Run around building 30 Burpees over the bar Run around building 40 Deadlifts@165/115 Run around building OPTIONAL STRENGTH: 3x 8-10 Split Squats per leg with DB or KB rest 90s M.E. Strict HSPU or Strict press@55-70% of 1RM rest 90s   NO […]

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Thursday 6/26

For 4th of july we will have one class. The time is TBD. Most likely it’ll be 9:30 am. We’ll keep you updated… Let’s get after it today! OLY: Snatches Wor up in sets of 2 Then do, 3 x 1 Power Snatch + 2 High Hang Squat Snatch   METCON: “Do You Even Lift Brah?” […]

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Wednesday 6/25

Shorts were ordered tonight! Hopefully they’ll be in within two weeks! If you haven’t brought in your cash please do so this week! ($45 for girls, $50 for guys) SPEED: “FASTER a) Broad Jump, 8×2 (Jump once and land. Jump once more from where you landed) *Aim is to get max distance in 2 jumps. […]

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