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Tuesday 4/30

ATTENTION! ATTENTION! ATTENTION! There will be a new schedule starting next week. So please either don’t sign up for next week yet, or be prepared to resign up after Saturday. We are adding a bunch of classes to prevent overcrowding and I believe its going to screw up whoever signed up before we adjust it. […]

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Monday 4/29

MOBILITY: Front Rack STRENGTH: Presses 3×3 Strict Press 3×2 Push Press 3×1 Push Jerk WOD: 4 Rounds 15 KB Swings@53/35 30 Double Unders 60s Wall sit@45/25

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Friday 4/26

MOBILITY: Overhead Mob Spend 10 minutes going over specific mobs for going overhead TECHNIQUE: Snatches Spend 15 minutes going over Full/Squat snatches, working to a heavy single with good form WOD: “1/2 Nate” 10 min amrap 2 muscle ups (4 c2bs) 4 hspus 8 swings@71 CORE: 30s on/off 6x Hollow rocks

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Thursday 4/24

CONDITIONING: EMOM for 14 minutes 5 Back Squats@heaviest possible – odd minutes 30 Double Unders – even minutes WOD: 5 RFT 10 sdhp@95/65 10 v-ups 10 hr push ups

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Wednesday 4/24

TECHNIQUE: Handstands/HSPUs Spend 15 minutes going over handstands on the wall and handstand push ups STRENGTH: Presses Strict press to max then Push Press 3×3@all sets heaviest possible CORE: 50 Abmat 50 back ext

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