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Monday 4/1

STRENGTH: Backsquat Work to a 1RM, then do 3×6, 3×4, 3×2 CONDITIONING: EMOM for 15 minutes 5 Burpees, 5 Thrusters, 5 Burpees WOD: 20, 19, 18, 17…………. 1 Burpees Thrusters@95/65 Back Squats@95/65 CORE: 10x 50 Hollow Rocks 50 AbMat Situps 50 Hip Extensions OPTIONAL WOD: “Fran”     JK JK! April Fools!! How many of […]

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Saturday 3/30

Another awesome week filled but sweat, yelling and lots of squats! Today will be more of a recovery/endurance day. In case you didn’t see, check out our article in Patch!  

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Friday 3/29

WOD: AFAP 50 KB swings@53/35 40 Box jump overs 30 Push Press@95/65 20 Chin Ups 10 Deadlifts@245/175 *2 single leg burpees EMOM*   Optional Endurance: 5 – 3 Point suicides, rest as needed

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Thursday 3/28

OLYMPIC LIFTING DAY Today we will focus on Olympic Lifts. If you’re new we’ll stay lighter and work technique with the lifts, and if you’ve been coming for a while we’re going to start adding on some weight. Make sure your wrists, hips, and shoulders are warmed up, stretched and mobilized before we start. Lets […]

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Wednesday 3/27

GOAT DAY Pick a weakness or something you would like to improve on and work on it! Things to work on include KIPPING (pull ups, t2b, hspus, etc…), pull ups, hand stands, olympic lifts or even just hitting some row sprints. Tomorrow will be an Olympic Lifting day so if you do them today don’t […]

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