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Thursday 2/28

SKILL: 5 minutes Practice Double Unders CORE: 3xME L-sits, rest as needed WOD: AFAP 14 Hang Cleans@95/65 5 Push Ups 14 Box jumps@24/20 5 Push ups 11 Hang Cleans@95/65 5 Push Ups 11 Box Jumps@24/20 5 Push ups 8 Hang Cleans@95/65 5 Push Ups 8 Box jumps@24/20 5 Push ups

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Wednesday 2/27

“This is going to suck…” 1 min – Max Cal Row Rest 2 minutes 3 Rounds: 3 Wall Walks 6 Alternating Pistols (each leg) 15 AbMats 18 KB Swings Rest 4 minutes 1 min – Max Cal Row

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Tuesday 2/26

Great job on the burpees everyone! Couple big things happened.. 1 Dave finished the most with 100! that’s a lot of burpees… also Mrs. Babar, who was yet to do a burpee, did 20! That’s damn impressive.. Anyway I posted a new schedule. It starts tomorrow! Make sure and sign up for the appropriate classes […]

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Monday 2/25

Todays workout will be a grueling test of how much heart you have… you’ll constantly hear me say, “you can ALWAYS do another burpee.”, or “BURPEE NOW, BREATHE LATER”… Both apply to this WOD. Its the first workout from the Crossfit Open last year. Top athletes got 130+ with 161 being the highest. if you’re […]

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Friday 2/22

Quick Update: There will be a new schedule beginning March 1st. It will include Foundations classes which will be mandatory for most new members, but may also be an option for current members who want to learn more about the movements and touch up on technique. It is a separate package which must be paid […]

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