Monday 12/23

Hey everyone! Hope you’re all set for the Holidays. For this Tuesday we will have 6,  7, 8, & 9 am classes. Sign up for when you want to come and if its full come anyway. We just want to get an idea of how many people to expect! Also we will be closed for Christmas. See you all today!


CORE SET#1: “Ouch my abs hurt”
– 3×50 AbMat Sit ups AFAP with arms across chest. Rest 1:1
– Accumulate 3 minutes in Superman Hold.

: “L-sits make me have to pee”
1xME L-sit on any apparatus
Reverse Tabata L-Sits on Pull Up bar if possible
3×20 Back Extensions

: “Do I have an 8-pack yet?”
10 GHDSU@add weight in form of Medball or KB
10 Side Bends
30s V-hold


           Monday 12/23:

METCON: “12 Days of Xmas”
1 200m run
2 Push Press@95/65
3 Front Squat@95/65
4 Hang Power Clean@95/65
5 Deadlift@95/65
6 Burpees
7 Pull-up
8 Push-up
9 AbMat Sit-up
10 Wallballs@30/20
11 Kettlebell Swing@71/53
12 Box jumps@30/24

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