05/10/2017 – “CrossFit… the Who’s, What’s and Why’s”

Hello all… Coach G here. I want to get better use out of the webpage so I decided to start blogging. For now posts will be when ever I get around to it, with the goal eventually being weekly. The objective of these posts is to inform, inspire, motivate or maybe just vent. Most topics will be on CrossFit, fitness, nutrition, but many will also cover topics like goal setting, time management, or maybe just sharing a happy story to brighten your day. I hope you read along and can take something away from each post. My grammar ain’t great so to all dem teachers out there I opalogize (LOLZ)


POST 1 – “CrossFit… the Who’s, What’s and Why’s”

Lets start today off with CrossFits story in as little words as possible…

Greg Glassman former gymnast and fitness enthusiast, began molding a fitness model that included aspects from all areas of fitness. The goal was to provide all-in-one training for law enforcement, athletes, or really anyone willing to work hard. It essentially would prepare them for anything and everything while at the same time helping them look better naked. Seeing the benefits on some early test subjects, he decided to open his own gym in 1995. CrossFit, the company, was officially established in 2000, with the first official affiliate CrossFit North in Seattle up and running in 2002. The rest is history… Now there are over 13,000 worldwide (from what I found online there are about 11,500 Dunkin Donuts worldwide… crazy right?!??)

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CrossFit as a company, business model, and sport has grown exponentially over the years. It gives people like me, fitness fanatics who dream of one day opening their own gym, that ability with minimal barriers to entry. This is great for someone passionate for health, fitness and helping others, but also leads to things getting watered down with crap… people with extra money looking to make another quick buck. Don’t fall for it! Make sure you shop around, unless you’re at OSA, then you’re good.



Now lets touch on the ‘Whats’ (did we kinda do that already? eh oh well)

What exactly is involved in CrossFit? Should I be worried? Will I get hurt?

On paper we say CrossFit involves “constantly varied functional movements performed at a high intensity.” When we say functional we mean it should help make every day life easier. Is the carry over exact… no. However, I bet if you perfect your form on deadlifts and  get to lifting 1.5 times your body-weight, the next snow storm you’ll finish shoveling in half the time. We vary these movements because:

  1. It gets boring doing the same things every day
  2. Your body adapts to the stressors you place on it. Therefore we try to stay one step ahead.
  3. The only way to truly be prepared for life is to train in as many ways as possible. Maybe a set of lighter deadlifts at a faster pace might challenge your technique, but when have you ever stepped up to a snow pile, taken a breath in your gut, braced, tensioned your hamstrings, then lifted with a perfectly flat back? Never.

We love intensity at CrossFit because sweating, throwing up and collapsing is all we know and is FUN. False. Well it is kinda fun but.. Intensity is where we find favorable outcomes in terms of health & fitness. Basically we need it to get fitter , i.e. healthier, sexier, whatever your goals are. Although intensity is necessary it is also an individual prescription. The order is:
MECHANICS > CONSISTENCY > INTENSITY. You need to be able to do it RIGHT, then do it right OVER & OVER again, then we can see how fast you can go. If your car has a flat tire, would it be beneficial to rip down the highway at 85 mph?? Maybe for a few seconds, even minutes, but at some point shit will blow up and you’ll say “Crap.. should have seen that coming”. We don’t want that!

Some workouts weights or high skilled movements are prescribed (called the “RX”). Here at OSA we program every WOD with a desired intensity. To meet that intensity we may have to lighten up your barbell, shorten your run, or maybe substitute the movement entirely. So don’t feel ashamed or embarrassed, we have all been there. Use it as a drive to get better and earn that heavier barbell! Know that when we scale you down we’re not being mean, we jut don’t want you to get a flat.


And lastly and briefly the ‘Why’

Glassman is a very intelligent man and an even better talker. He states, “Health can now be concisely and precisely defined as increased work capacity across broad time, modal, and age domains. Work capacity is the ability to perform real physical work as measured by force x distance / time (which is average power). Fitness is this ability in as many domains as possible.” (video can be viewed here for free Health & Fitness Lecture). What hes touching on is we need to work our butts off now for better and independent lives later. A great way to do that is to increase all aspects of your fitness. Be able to lift heavy weights, control your body in space, and run around the block without having a heart attack. Oh, and also to continue increasing these metrics forever.

That’s why we do it. Yes, its hard, its confusing at times, and it’s frustrating… but usually the best things in life are. Fight through the suck because you CAN DO IT, embrace your community and give back to it because we’re all in it together, and lastly HAVE FUN! It is fun, we promise.

You’ll gain more then you ever imagined if you go all in…



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